Call for Applications

Editor in Chief — American Journal of Roentgenology

About AJR

  • AJR is published by ARRS with all journal functions managed in-house.
  • AJR receives close to 2,000 submissions per year and publishes approximately 450 articles per year focusing on content relevant to clinical practitioners.
  • AJR publishes monthly, 12 times per year.
  • AJR publishes articles in print and online, with some content published online only. 
  • AJR has a worldwide circulation of more than 23,000.
  • AJR contains eight articles each month that are available for CME credit, for a total of 96 credits per year. Additional CME associated with the journal includes one live Webinar per month and CME granted for manuscript review.

Editor in Chief Position Information

  • The Editor in Chief has the editorial responsibility for the AJR and is therefore responsible for ensuring its scientific integrity and responsiveness to the needs of the radiology community. The Editor in Chief will be responsible for implementing and applying editorial policies of the AJR, for maintaining a high level of quality with respect to the scientific content, and for applying ethical and scientific standards of objectivity. The Editor in Chief will be knowledgeable in peer review and ethics issues in scientific publishing and will address any misconduct issues that may arise. 
  • The Editor in Chief will oversee a team of Section Editors responsible for subspecialty areas of interest within diagnostic radiology. While it is expected that current Section Editors will complete existing terms, the Editor in Chief is responsible for identifying and appointing Section Editors as vacancies occur. Under the direction and management of the Editor in Chief, Section Editors are responsible for acceptance and rejection decisions within their subspecialty area, recruiting and assigning reviewers, recruiting assistant editors as appropriate, and responding to editorial matters that may arise within their areas. In addition, Section Editors are responsible for recruiting content for one focus issue per year as well as one live Webinar. 
  • The Editor in Chief must be comfortable working with a Web-based peer review management system and managing a virtual team. The Editor should be available to lead an in-person editorial group meeting during the society’s annual meeting and teleconferences as needed. The Editor in Chief is not provided a separate editorial office. ARRS headquarters, located in Leesburg, VA, houses staff responsible for all education, publication, and administrative operations of the society. In addition to staff physically located in Leesburg, the society employs several staff, including AJR copy editors and peer review support personnel, located in various other locations. Support for the Editor in Chief and all Section Editors is provided virtually by these full-time ARRS staff members; no reimbursement is provided for any additional administrative support at the Editor’s home institution. 
  • The Editor in Chief is responsible for maintaining an acceptance rate that minimizes time to publication for accepted manuscripts and prevents the development of an unacceptable backlog of manuscripts. The Editor in Chief must adhere to an annual page budget and monthly publication schedule. 
  • The Editor in Chief is responsible for mentorship of two publishing fellows per year. Information regarding the Figley and Rogers Fellowships may be found at
  • The Editor in Chief is responsible for ensuring the delivery of monthly live Webinars and for manuscript review CME as required. The Editor in Chief has no responsibility for identifying monthly CME articles. 
  • The Editor in Chief has no responsibility for AJR vendor selection or evaluation or for the business or legal aspects of the publishing enterprise. 
  • The Editor in Chief prepares written reports for two ARRS Executive Council meetings per year and meets with the Council and Publication Committee as requested, generally in conjunction with the Society’s annual meeting. 
  • It is generally assumed the Editor in Chief will devote approximately 50% time to AJR, however there are no expectations of fixed hours or set days per week. The Editor in Chief will be evaluated based on the successful fulfillment of the position’s responsibilities. The part-time nature of the position is made possible by the distribution of effort to Section Editors. The Editor in Chief is paid a set amount in equal monthly installments. 
  • The new Editor in Chief will serve a 5-year term, commencing January, 2020.

Applications must be submitted by December 15, 2018.