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March 2014


AJR Collections Is Live!  

   Donna G. Blankenbaker 


Donna G. Blankenbaker is a professor of radiology at the University of Wisconsin's Department of Radiology and is the AJR Section Editor for Musculoskeletal Imaging. She talked with InBrief about the value of article collections and her vision for their future.

The new Collections feature in AJR Online opens the door for a truly personalized experience. What are some of the key benefits for our readers?

Collections does the collecting for you! You can peruse print or online AJR articles grouped by topic, modality, article type, and/or subspecialty, personalized for you. Collections will be updated regularly, and new Collections will be added.

How "visible" is the Collections generation process? Are there additional steps for users?

It’s very user-friendly. Simply click on Collections on the home page menu bar, then select the Collection you wish to browse. Each Collection will contain the most recent and most important new research and information on that topic. 

You have been a leader in adopting new video article technology. How do videos enhance member education? 

Video articles are an ideal tool for training readers to employ techniques and perform procedures. Our current video articles concentrate on ultrasound imaging and procedures—what we call “how I do it” articles. For example, ultrasound has become an increasingly valuable tool for guiding musculoskeletal interventions. The videos help implement musculoskeletal ultrasound in radiology practice. 

What is your vision for the future of the Collections feature, both text and video? 

I expect Collections to explode in popularity as we add subjects. In the not too distant future, searching for articles the old-fashioned way will be a mere memory!