ARRS Demographics

The ARRS Annual Meeting draws more than 2,000 physicians interested in the latest products and services to deliver the highest quality of patient care.

Exhibitors at this event have exclusive opportunities to promote and sell products and services to interested customers.

Impact Your Target Audience

98% of Annual Meeting attendees are ARRS members, so you’ll be reaching the most engaged and dedicated professionals. Attendees practice in hospitals, private practices or academic/research settings and represent all radiology subspecialties.

Imaging Methods Used

CT 88%
MRI 86%
Sonography 74%
Radiography 74%
Fluoroscopy 43%
Mammography 33%
Nuclear Medicine Procedures/PET 26%
Angiography/Interventional 16%

Primary Areas of Expertise

Body Imaging 47%
General Diagnostic 29%
Musculoskeletal Imaging 24%
Breast Imaging 22%
Emergency 21%
Neuroradiology 20%
Vascular/Interventional 14%
Chest/Pulmonary 13%
Pediatric 7%
Nuclear Medicine 6%

Place of Practice