ARRS Case of the Week


Case Author: Hanna M. Zafar, MD, MHS, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania


45-year-old man with fevers and night sweats.

Imaging Findings

Color Doppler ultrasound image (A) shows two heterogeneous masses (arrows) in the right hepatic lobe that do not compress or displace the right hepatic vein. The masses have solid composition despite peripheral low echogenicity. Axial delayed contrast-enhanced CT image through the hepatic dome (B) shows internal enhancement of the hepatic mass (arrow) and a similar lesion in the spleen (arrowhead). Coronal fused FDG PET/CT image (C) shows increased FDG uptake in the liver lesion, the splenic lesion, the T11 vertebral body, and a pulmonary mass.


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