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The Roentgen Fund

The Roentgen Fund®

Strengthening the foundation of radiology is critical; however, so too is ensuring that the trajectory of the entire discipline continues to trace an arc along a curve defined by innovation and unparalleled expertise. It’s a curve that will ensure radiology continues to play a vital role in patient care — not just today but well into the future.

We can achieve this goal, but only with your help.

We invite you to join your colleagues this year in making a tax-deductible gift to The Roentgen Fund and help strengthen the foundation today and — more importantly — build a bridge to the profession of tomorrow.

Complimentary Gifts

The future of radiology requires innovation and constant research. Make a tax-deductible donation now to The Roentgen Fund and receive these complimentary gifts: 



$75 Donation  


16 oz, insulated, screw-on, thumb-slide lid travel tumbler with the “Hand of Mrs. Roentgen” image 



$125 Donation  

Lens Kit 

Works with all makes and models of smartphones and includes a fisheye lens (great for group shots, and selfies), a macro lens (for capturing up-close details), and a wide-angle lens (for capturing full field of vision). 



$250 Donation  

PowerPod Plus Tumbler & Lens 

Compact, high capacity, DoubleShot Power Bank Battery Charger, and Travel Tumbler and Lens Kit 

Our profession needs a consistent input of new talent, and this allows us to promote such new talent for the benefit of radiology.

Anton Hasso, MD