Charles E. Kahn, Jr., MD, MS, Chair
Mauricio Castillo, MD
Phillip Costello, MD
Bernard F. King, MD
Jonathan S. Lewin, MD
Srini Tridandapani, MD,PhD
Achala Vagal, MD
The Roentgen Fund

The Roentgen Fund®

Strengthening the foundation of radiology is critical; however, so too is ensuring that the trajectory of the entire discipline continues to trace an arc along a curve defined by innovation and unparalleled expertise. It’s a curve that will ensure radiology continues to play a vital role in patient care — not just today but well into the future.

We can achieve this goal, but only with your help.

We invite you to join your colleagues this year in making a tax-deductible gift to The Roentgen Fund and help strengthen the foundation today and — more importantly — build a bridge to the profession of tomorrow.

Complimentary Gifts

The future of radiology requires innovation and constant research. Make a tax-deductible donation now to The Roentgen Fund and receive these complimentary gifts: 



$75 Donation  


16 oz, insulated, screw-on, thumb-slide lid travel tumbler with the “Hand of Mrs. Roentgen” image 



$125 Donation  

Lens Kit 

Works with all makes and models of smartphones and includes a fisheye lens (great for group shots, and selfies), a macro lens (for capturing up-close details), and a wide-angle lens (for capturing full field of vision). 



$250 Donation  

PowerPod Plus Tumbler & Lens 

Compact, high capacity, DoubleShot Power Bank Battery Charger, and Travel Tumbler and Lens Kit 

Our profession needs a consistent input of new talent, and this allows us to promote such new talent for the benefit of radiology.

Anton Hasso, MD