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March 2015


New Dose Reduction Collection Goes Live!   


AJR Collections, which give you virtually instant access to current, topical content compilations that are easily accessible via links on the AJR home page, have been a tremendous success. To date, Collections has been accessed more than 130,218 times. 


Each Collection contains content published in the AJR, grouped by topic, modality, and/or subspecialty, personalizing the Collection to your interests.


The newest Collection, Dose Reduction for Children and Adults, launched in February 2015, gives you access to current AJR articles on this high-profile topic. It features premier articles that discuss the pros, cons, and how to’s of imaging techniques that use ionizing radiation, how to minimize the dose administered, or how and when to use an imaging technique that does not use radiation.


The Collection also touches on the risk of adverse events associated with the amount of iodine administered as contrast material during imaging.


Click here to access the new Dose Reduction for Children and Adults Collection, and be sure to check back frequently—the Collection will be updated regularly, as are all AJR Collections.






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