Anton N. Hasso, MD, Chair
Norman J. Beauchamp, Jr., MD
Ruth C. Carlos, MD
Charles E. Kahn, Jr., MD
Ella A. Kazerooni, MD
Jonathan S. Lewin, MD
Melissa Rosado de Christenson, MD


2012 Roentgen Fund Donors 

Legacy Donors 

Alison Shibuya, MD

Roentgen Ray Guild 

Bracco Diagnostics Inc. Barbara C. Moore, MD
In memory of Jeffrey P. Moore, MD 
Anton N. Hasso, MD


1895 Society 

Dr. Mauricio Castillo and Mrs. Hortensia Alvarez Charles E. Kahn Jr., MD
Bernard King, MD Joseph K.T. Lee, MD
Steven J. Michel, MD Michael and Sherry Raskin
Melissa Rosado de Christenson, MD Srini Tridandapani, MD


Partners in Radiology 

Edgardo and Teresita Angtuaco Drs. Laura and Joe Bancroft
Norman and Kristina Beauchamp Thomas H. Berquist, MD
James Brink, MD M. Paul Capp, MD
In honor of Issac Sanders, MD 
Kay Vydareny and Bill Casarella
In memory of Jerry Wiot, MD 
Jugesh Cheema, MD
John K. Crowe, MD Paresh and Shoba Desai
Edwin F. Donnelly, MD, PhD Bradley Foerster & Myria Petrou
Valerie P. Jackson, MD Marcia C. Javitt, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Larson Jonathan Lewin, MD
In honor of James Thrall, MD 
James and Helen Moorefield
In memory of Frederick R. Margolin, MD 
Levon and Claudia Nazarian
Lee F. Rogers, MD
In honor of Joseph KT Lee, MD 
William P. Shuman, MD
In memory of Laurence A. Mack, MD & Melvin Figley, MD 
Robert J. Stanley, MD JT and Reena Thomas
James H. Thrall, MD Zhen Jane Wang, MD and Benjamin M. Yeh, MD



Gerald F. Abbott, MD Philip O. Alderson, MD
Marco Amendola, MD, FACR Ruth Carlos, MD
Philip Costello, MD Elliot K. Fishman, MD
Mokhtar H. Gado, MD Dietrich Gerhardt, MD
Peter Giustra, MD Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hewes
Mary M. Hillstrom, MD Michele H. Johnson, MD
Robert J. Johnston, MD Marcia Koomen, MD
In honor of Etta Pisano, MD & James Scatliff, MD 
David C. Levin, MD William Mayo-Smith, MD
Richard and Carol Morin Antonio Nelson, MD
Francisco J. Orobitg, MD Mark S. Parker, MD
Nabile Safdar, MD Carl L. Schultz, MD
Troy Storey, MD John P. Tampas, MD
In memory of Ted Leigh, MD 
Lovick Thomas VI, MD Raymond Tu, MD
In honor of Kenneth Maravilla, MD 
Gary and Susan Whitman Patrick F. Zazzaro, MD
In memory of Pamela A. Zazzaro 



Ellen L. Abeln, MD Gerald and Jean Aben
Palma Abraham, MD William C. Acton, MD
Awoni A. Alim, MD Robert M. Allen, MD
Mark D. Alson, MD
In honor of Isaac Sanders, MD 
Judith Amorosa, MD
Howard J. Ansel, MD Ryan Armstrong, MD
Kyongtae Bae, MD Philip D. Baker, MD, PhD
Lori L. Barr, MD Bruce J. Barron, MD, MHA
H. Scott Beasley, MD Norberto A. Belleza, MD
Harold and Gaylene Bennett Jessica F. Berkowitz, MD
In memory of Jack S. Fuchs, MD 
Lincoln L. Berland, MD
Thomas H. Berquist, MD Ernesto Blanco, MD
Christopher A. Boals, M
In memory of Roy Kale, MD 
Mary P. Borgess, MD
Stuart E. Braverman, MD Mellena D. Bridges, MD
Jeffrey Brody, MD Kenneth A. Buckwalter, MD
Boris P. Bushueff, MD Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Campbell
In honor of John Tampas, MD 
Elizabeth T. Cancroft, MD John A. Cassese, MD
Wilfrido R. Castaneda-Zuniga, MD Theodore J. Castele, MD
Dr. and Mrs. David S. Channin Melanie Chellman Jeffers, MD
Janice P. Chen, MD Felix S. Chew, MD
Richard L. Clark, MD, FACR
In honor of James H. Scatliff, MD 
Lawrence J. Cohen, MD
Carol Collings, MD Richard S. Colvin, MD
Patrick Conklin, MD Christopher J. Conlin, MD
Steven A. Cremer, MD
In honor of Ronald Zagoria, MD 
Marsha J. Crofford-Bitter, MD
Timothy A. Crummy, MD
In honor of Frederick Rich, MD 
James R. Custer, MD
James G. Dahlie, MD Huu-Ninh V. Dao, MD
Andrea L. Desberg, MD Stamatia Destounis, MD, FACR
Richard Dobben, MD Paul H. Ellenbogen, MD
In memory of Stewart R. Reuter, MD, JD 
James H. Ellis, MD Jeremy J. Erasmus, MD
Marianna Eriksen, MD Amanda Ferrell, MD
Joel Fishman, MD, PhD Michael C. Forney, MD
Lavenant Francois, MD Joan K. Frisoli, MD, PhD
David J. Frolich, MD Brian Funaki, MD
Raymond A. Gagliardi, MD Thomas E. Gallant, MD
Annabel Galva, MD David and Lorie Gierada
David J. Giles, MD Nancy Goldenberg, MD
Jack A. Goode, MD George Grable, MD
Steven M. Greenberg, MD Robin L. Greenspan, MD
Basil J. Greico, MD
In memory of R. Vincent Grieco, MD 
David R. Gruen, MD, MBA
Richard B. Gunderman, MD, PhD
In honor of James Thrall, MD 
Salih Guran, MD
Adam Guttentag, MD Bronwyn E. Hamilton, MD
J. Andrew Hamlin, MD
In memory of David E. Zion, MD 
Ulrike Hamper, MD
John A. Harding, MD Curtis Harlow, MD
Mary S. Hollister, MD Steven C. Hommeyer, MD
Brooks A. Horsley, MD Stephen M. Huang, MD
Sarwat Hussein, MD Muneeb S Hydri, MBBS, MCPS, FCPS
Neville Irani, MD Christopher A. Jackson, MD
Anand S. Jagannath, MD Edward A. Janon, MD
Takeshi Johkoh, MD Aya Kamaya, MD
Gregory A. Kaufmann, MD C. Stephen Keklak, MD
Robert Kricun, MD Ariel Kruger, MD
Phillip Kuo, MD David Kurlander, MD
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Kushner Emil Lee, MD
In memory of Emily Lee 
Drs. Daniel and Madeline Lewis Michael Licata, MD
Weichung Liu, MD Rajeshwar K. Luther, MD
Katarzyna J. Macura, MD, PhD Madhumala and Mani Madhavan, MD
Theodore Marentis, MD Kimberly Marlowe, MD
Armando J. Marquez, MD David S. Martin, MD
Bruce L. McClennan, MD
In honor of John Tampas, MD 
Ernest J. McKenzie, MD
John Meehan, DO Christopher Merritt, MD
Michelle A. Michel, MD
In honor of James A. Youker, MD 
Timothy Mickus, MD
Mitchell A. Miller, MD Michael J. Milstein, MD
Johnny U. Monu, MBBS
In honor of Arthur De Smet, MD 
Demetrius K. Morros, MD
Frank M. Mroz, MD Peter Mueller, MD
Mark Mullins, MD, PhD Maria A. Muns-Garcia, MD
Marcia Murakami, MD Joseph F. Norfray, MD
Yoshiharu Ohno, MD Karen Ordovas
Angelisa Paladin, MD Ralph C. Panek, MD
Nicholas Papanicolaou, MD Smita Parikh, MD
Stanley L. Parker, MD David R. Pennes, MD
John H. Penuel, MD Irene V. Perez Young, MD
Mylien S. Pham, MD Ed and Julie Phillips
Joseph A. Pierro, MD Andrew G. Poulos, MD
Andrew Poznanski, MD Ronald A. Prijic, MD
Martin R. Prince, MD, PhD Michael F. Quinn, MD
Maurice M. Reeder, MD Dr. Phillip Reich
Robert R. Renner, MD Claudia S. Reynders, MD
Alfred C. Rice, MD Mark R. Robbin, MD
David M. Roelke, MD Werner Rosshirt, MD
Allen J. Rovner, MD Calvin L. Rumbaugh, MD
Stephen G. Salamy, MD Lonie Salkowski, MD
In honor of Ted and Kathy Salkowski 
Caryl Salomon, MD Jerome M. Sampson, MD
Jose Fausto Castro Santos, MD Rupan Sanyal, MD
James H. Scatliff, MD George C. Scott, MD, PA
Thomas M. Schmidlin, MD Leanne L. Seeger, MD
Jean M. Seely, MD Katherine Shaffer, MD
In honor of Charles Kahn, MD 
Alfred D. Shaplin, MD Ashwin J. Shetty, MD
Jason R. Shonk, MD Michael S. Silber, MD
William L. Simpson, Jr, MD Natalie L. M. Sivak, MD
Mark Silverstein, MD Bruce Smith, MD
Justin P. Smith, MD Troy R. Smith, MD
Eva M. Smorzaniuk, MD Julie H. Song
Ronald Sonken, MD Sergio S. Sorrentino, MD
Harold B. Spitz, MD Michael Stein, MD
Eric J. Stern, MD Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Stevens
Michael Stewart, MD Julie Stiles and Michael England
Alan H. Stolpen, MD Christopher Straus, MD
Bradley Strimling, MD Gerald Sufrin, MD
William A.P. Supan, MD Leonard Swischuk, MD
Lucille P. Taverna, MD James Teal, MD
Anson and Carol Thaggard, MD
In memory of Aubrey R. Thaggard 
William M. Thompson, MD
Drew Torigian, MD Philip C. Trotta, MD
Eric J. Udoff, MD Raul N. Uppot, MD
Steven R. Urbanski, MD Achala Vagal, MD
In memory of Jerome Wiot, MD 
Murugusundaram Veeramani, MD Neil F. Wasserman, MD
Jennifer A. Westmoreland, MD Ellen L. Wolf, MD
Paul Wong, MD Cynthia L. Woo, MD
Daniel J. Wunder, MD Rauf Yagan, MD
Jean K. Yi, MD