Pacific Island Cuisine

Food is important to any culture, but in Hawaii, cuisine is taken to a new level. With a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, upland cattle farms, and the Pacific Ocean providing a seemingly endless supply of sushi-grade fish, Hawaiian cuisine is a delightful mix of ancient traditions with a modern twist.


Participate in an authentic Hawaiian Luau

Get a taste of Hawaiian hospitality and delicious Kalua Pork, by attending one of Honolulu's many entertaining luaus. Everything at these luaus, from the food and entertainment to the decorations, is designed to wow the visitor and bring Pacific Island traditions to life. With so many options happening every night of the week, there's no reason not to attend one of these Hawaiian staples.


Seafood anyone?

Walk in a straight line long enough and you will eventually find the tropical waters of the South Pacific at your toes. When you combine this with a booming fishing industry and world class chefs, you find yourself in one of the world’s premier seafood locations. Whether you like it seared, baked, fried, or raw, it is hard to beat fish caught just hours before it hits your table.