2021 Global Exchange Featuring Argentina

ARRS is proud to work with our global partner from Argentina to present this featured educational event during the ARRS 2021 Meeting.

Featured Sunday Event

Imaging Cardiovascular Disease: The Argentina/USA Experience

April 18, 10:00 am–12:00 pm
Course Director: Fernando R Gutierrez, MD
Faculty: Patricia Carrascosa, MD; Laura Dragonetti, MD; Andrew Bierhals, MD; Harprit Bedi, MD; Sebastian A. Rossini, MD

This multimodality, multispecialty course will highlight the similarities and different diagnostic approaches to common presentations and challenges of cardiovascular diseases. This featured course will be presented by faculty from Argentina and ARRS faculty. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify important aspects of cardiovascular imaging in different organ systems of the neck, chest, and abdomen.
  2. Be able to select the best imaging approach to diagnose important conditions and follow up recommendations.
  3. Have a chance to appreciate how similar problems are handled in two countries with different healthcare systems.

Course Sessions

Imaging Pericardial Tamponade and Constriction
Role of Spectral CT in Cardiovascular Imaging
Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in Fabry Disease
Postoperative Aortic Valve and Root
Carotid Plaque Characterization
Imaging Complications of Abdominal Vascular Stents