2021 Global Exchange Featuring Mexico

ARRS is proud to work with our global partner, Mexican Society of Radiology and Imaging (SMRI), to present this featured educational event during the ARRS 2021 Meeting.

Featured Sunday Event

Tuberculosis: From Head to Toe 

April 18, 1:00–3:00 pm
Course Director: Carlos Zamora, MD
Faculty: Luis Felipe Alva López, MD; Oscar Quiroz Castro, MD; Avneesh Chhabra, MD; Nora Rodríguez Pedraza, MD; Carlos Zamora, MD; Mauricio Castillo, MD

Approximately 25 percent of the world population is infected with tuberculosis (TB), a disease that has resurged due to HIV, drug resistance, and socioeconomic factors. Imaging plays a central role in the diagnosis and management of TB. This featured course will cover manifestations of the disease throughout the body, combining expertise from SMRI and ARRS faculty.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Review the current role, indications, and limitations of various imaging modalities in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis.
  2. Identify the imaging features of primary and post-primary pulmonary tuberculosis as well as involvement of extrapulmonary sites.
  3. Identify various forms of organ involvement by tuberculosis in the abdomen and pelvis.
  4. Review the spectrum of imaging findings of tuberculosis in the musculoskeletal system including characteristic and atypical appearances.
  5. Review the imaging presentation of tuberculosis involving the cervical lymph nodes and airways.
  6. Recognize typical and atypical imaging presentations of intracranial and spinal tuberculosis including parenchymal, extra-axial, and paraspinal disease.

Course Sessions

Thoracic Manifestations of Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis in the Abdomen and Pelvis
Musculoskeletal Manifestations of Tuberculosis
Manifestations of Tuberculosis in the Neck
Intracranial Manifestations of Tuberculosis
Spinal Manifestations of Tuberculosis