Building a Better Future Through Experimentalism, Design Thinking, and Servant-Leadership

Alexander Norbash
President, 2020–2021

A culture of experimentation cultivates curiosity, guaranteeing data’s primacy over opinion, democratizing experimentation, being ethically aware, and embracing a different leadership model. Once embracing experimentalism, we can promote design thinking, which identifies needs, prototypes, and iterates, all through empathizing with users. Our transformation is dependent on how we feel about and accept change and leadership. Servant-leadership sets an example and influences positive behavior with humility and through service, more effectively mobilizing our potential.

Building and Sustaining A High Performing Radiology Team

Jonathan Kruskal
President, 2021–2022

Providing safe, effective outcomesbased and appropriate care to our patients requires that we operate as high-functioning cohesive teams. For these teams to be successful, team structure (inclusive leadership, authority gradients, diversity, multigenerational workforces) and function (professionalism, respect, inclusive practices, Just culture, unconscious bias, cultural humility, bystanders, learning and improvement culture) must be addressed. This presentation will focus on inclusive practices and the many opportunities to fill these gaps in radiology.