Resident Education

At this year’s Annual Meeting, residents can expect a program that reflects their specific needs as they prepare for exams and active practice. Below is an outline of events happening during the Annual Meeting that we believe will be of great value to our many resident attendees.

Resident Symposium 

Financial Literacy for Radiologists: Addressing an Underrecognized Cause of Physician Burnout

This course will introduce financial topics pertinent to trainee and staff radiologists to increase their financially literacy with the hope to decrease physician burnout and stress. It will be given by radiologists who are passionate about the subject and who will provide an unbiased approach to personal finance.

  • Student Loan Debt Management for Radiologists
  • Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Income!
  • Investing 101
  • Prioritizing Your Income as a First-Year Attending

Radiology Review Track

This educational track offers a broad review of cases across 11 subspecialties. Each session addresses one subspecialty and contains 60 minutes of case review and 30 minutes of didactic lecture. The rapid-fire case review will provide an even more comprehensive review of cases with limited differential diagnoses. Registrants can participate in these sessions at no additional cost—it’s all part of your general registration fee.

Resident Track

This track will highlight content of particular value to in-training radiologists and will cover a wide variety of subspecialty domains, physics problems, and noninterpretive skills.