ARRS Leonard Berlin Scholarship in Medical Professionalism

2018 Recipient – Brandon P. Brown, MD, MA
Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health; Indiana University School of Medicine

The ARRS Leonard Berlin Scholarship is an award that provides one radiologist per year the opportunity to develop expertise in medical competencies, such as medical ethics, quality improvement, and more.

About the Scholarship

The ARRS Leonard Berlin Scholarship in Medical Professionalism is open to radiologists at all stages of their careers to support study and research related to medical ethics, medico-legal principles, patient accountability, sensitivity to patient diversity, and/or other topics encompassing medical professionalism. The Scholarship is named in honor of Leonard Berlin, MD of Rush North Shore Medical Center in Skokie, IL, a recognized leader in various aspects of medical professionalism as they affect the field of radiology. The Scholarship is funded through The Roentgen Fund® of the ARRS and made possible in part by support from Dr. Berlin.

The ARRS Roentgen Fund Board of Trustees may select up to one $100,000 award annually. The Scholar may choose a one-year program requiring a minimum 50 percent time commitment, or a two-year program requiring a minimum 25 percent time commitment. Up to $20,000 of the funds may be used in a way that will contribute to the Scholar’s development and professional advancement (such as tuition and course materials), including for study outside the parent institution, with the remainder to be used towards salary support and scholarship-related travel costs (meeting registration, airfare, hotel accommodation).

The scholarship funds will be paid to the Scholar’s department for funding to the recipient. In this way, the ARRS shares the responsibility with the medical institution for the Scholar's development. Payments will be made semi-annually on July 1 and January 1 for one-year scholarships, or annually on July 1 for two-year scholarships.

General Qualifications

Candidates must meet the following qualifications:

  1. ARRS member at the time the application is submitted and for the duration of the award
  2. Earned MD or DO (or equivalent) from an accredited institution
  3. Completion of all required residency and fellowship training
  4. Certification by the American Board of Radiology or equivalent
  5. Support from his/her Department Chair indicated in a letter of nomination with a commitment of a minimum of 50% of the nominee's time to the scholarship program for a one-year program, or a minimum of 25% of the nominee's time for a two-year program

Only one candidate per department per institution is eligible to be nominated each year.

Selection Criteria

Selection of the ARRS Berlin Scholar is based on:

  1. The competence and promise of the candidate in research, education, or administration related to medical professionalism
  2. Evidence that an environment will be provided that is conducive to well-rounded professional development
  3. Personal qualities of the candidate that indicate that he/she has the interest and potential to be a leader in the area of medical professionalism

Application Procedure

The application deadline for the 2019 Scholarship has passed. Applicants will be notified by the end of the year.

Selected applicants will be invited to interview with the ARRS Roentgen Fund Board of Trustees in November. All candidates will be notified of the selection decisions shortly after the interview process. The new Scholar will be announced at the ARRS Annual Meeting and is required to be present for the announcement at the Opening Ceremonies.

Application components:

  1. Cover page from the applicant stating his/her name, address, phone and fax numbers, and email address, for use by the ARRS Education Office
  2. Curriculum vitae including details of any other current or pending salary support
  3. Project Plan
    1. Project title
    2. Project summary
    3. Summary of the applicant's qualifications
    4. Project aims/goals
    5. Project significance/impact
    6. Project design
    7. Description of any coursework that will be undertaken
    8. A listing of mentors/co-investigators, as appropriate to the proposal, and their contributions to the proposal
    9. References, if applicable
  4. Budget: An estimated budget covering the Scholar's program over the one- or two-year period. A simple balance sheet should include: 
    1. An estimated yearly income from all sources including the budget of the institution or outside agencies
    2. Estimated expenditures for salary, travel, and other expenses
  5. Letters
    1. Letter of nomination from the Department Chair, or Radiology Group Director when applicable. The letter should indicate commitment to provide time for the Scholar to fulfill the scholarship project and ensure his/her return to the faculty at the completion of the scholarship.
    2. Two additional letters of recommendation

Conditions and Responsibilities

The cooperating institution is expected to assume the same full responsibility for the detailed administration of the scholarship for the ARRS Berlin Scholar as for any other member of the faculty supported totally within its own budget.

Title and rank: The title “ARRS Leonard Berlin Medical Professionalism Scholar”, if used, should only supplement the Scholar's regular faculty title and rank.

Salary: The salary of the ARRS Berlin Scholar, as well as all other budgetary matters, will be determined by the cooperating institution. Indirect costs will not be paid.

Payments: Payments will be made to the cooperating institution semi-annually on July 1 and January 1 for one-year scholarships, and annually on July 1 for two-year scholarships.

Publicity: ARRS reserves the right to use information submitted in the application including the recipient’s name, photo, institution, project title, and abstract in marketing and promotional materials.

Interim Report: Scholars will be required to submit an interim report by April 1 of the year after the Scholar is named. The interim report should include summary of the progress achieved, significant changes to the original proposal, expenditures, and indicate any delays or issues. A report format will be provided by ARRS.

Final Report: Scholars will be required to submit a final report by August 1 of the year the scholarship is completed. A report format will be provided by ARRS. In addition, upon completion, Scholars will be required to present their project at the ARRS Annual Meeting.

Berlin Scholars are also required to participate as an ARRS Annual Meeting Instructional Course faculty member, providing a course on medical professionalism; author an article for submission to the American Journal of Roentgenology; and/or provide a similar product or service, to be mutually agreed upon by the Scholar and the ARRS Roentgen Fund Board of Trustees at the end of the scholarship period, with the content designed to educate others in medical professionalism.

Publications: Scientific and educational manuscripts resulting from the grant must be submitted first to the American Journal of Roentgenology to be considered for publication (right of first refusal). Authors who wish to bypass the right of first refusal process must receive written permission from ARRS. “ARRS Leonard Berlin Medical Professionalism Scholar” should be added to any publications that are a direct result of the scholarship proposal or prepared during the course of the scholarship. A reprint of any publications of work in which the Scholar is involved should be sent to the ARRS Roentgen Fund Board of Trustees.

Limitations and Terminations

Funds: The ARRS Leonard Berlin Scholarship is not intended for investigators seeking support for a specific research project or as seed money for research. The money may not be spent for the purchase of equipment. Indirect costs may not be paid from this fund.

Termination of Scholarship: Circumstances may arise in which the institution or the ARRS Leonard Berlin Scholar may wish to bring the grant to an end before the completion of the study. This may be arranged at any time by agreement between the sponsoring department of radiology, the Scholar, and ARRS. Termination will be made with the understanding that all unexpended funds will be returned to the ARRS and that all unpaid balances of the scholarship will be canceled.

Transfer of Scholarship: Requests for transfer of scholarships from one institution to another will be considered individually on their merits by the ARRS Roentgen Fund Board of Trustees.

For additional information, please email