Clinician Educator Development Program Schedule

Faculty: David Naeger, MD (Director); Carolyn DeBenedectis, MD; Travis Henry, MD; Aaron Kamer, MD; Nancy McNulty, MD 

8:00–8:15 am Welcome
Session I Presentation Skills  
8:15–8:30 am The Zen of Presentations

8:30–9:00 am Engaging Your Audience

9:00–9:35 am Workshop: Apply These Skills
(**Work on Presentations**)
9:35–9:40 am Debriefing

9:40–9:55 am Tech Talk: Radiology PowerPoint Tricks

9:55–10:00 am Q&A

10:00–10:15 am   Morning Break  
Session II Item Writing  
10:15–10:45 am Introduction to Item Writing

10:45–11:05 am Workshop: Item Writing Practice

11:05–11:10 am Debriefing

11:10–11:25 am Testing for Learning

11:25–11:40 am Tech Talk: Getting a Response: Teaching with ARS

11:40–11:45 am Q&A

11:45 am–1:15 pm Lunch  
Session III The Flipped Classroom  
1:15–1:45 pm Thinking like an Educator
1:45–2:15 pm Instructional Design and the Flipped Classroom

2:15–2:45 pm Tech Talk: Creating Video for Your Learners

2:45–3:20 pm Workshop: Flipped Classroom

3:20–3:25 pm Debriefing

3:25–3:30 pm Q&A

3:30–3:45 pm Afternoon Break  
Session IV Professional Development of the Clinician-Educator  
3:45–4:05 pm Time Management

4:05–4:20 pm Feedback to Residents
4:20–4:35 pm Professional Advancement

4:35–4:50 pm Mentors and Sponsors

4:50–5:15 pm Workshop: Difficult Conversations

5:15–5:30 pm Wrap-up
5:45–6:45 pm Social Hour

This schedule is subject to change.