Open Access Chest Imaging Resources


To support the global radiology community, ARRS has made these chest imaging lectures open access. Please share any and all of these resources with your colleagues, residents, and fellows. 


Chest Imaging Web Lectures

Basic Patterns of HRCT: Septal Line Thickening and Crazy Paving – 20 minutes

Micronodules In The Lungs – 20 minutes

Cystic Lung Disease – 20 minutes

Approach to Mosaic Attenuation – 20 minutes

Nodular Lung Disease: An Approach – 15 minutes

Diffuse Lung Disease – 20 minutes

Imaging of Infections in Immunocompromised Hosts – 30 minutes

Nodular Pattern on Chest CT – 30 minutes

Pulmonary Infection – 30 minutes

Essentials of Imaging Atypical Pneumonia – 30 minutes