The Roentgen Fund® provides awards and development programs to support emerging radiologists advancing research and education to shape the future of the field. Recent beneficiaries are defining education today. Your donation to the next generation of educators and researchers can make an impact tomorrow.

Programs Supported by The Roentgen Fund

ARRS Scholarship

This scholarship supports early-career faculty members in study/research of the radiologic sciences that have the possibility of changing the way radiology is practiced. The recognition and financial support advances the early-career scholar professionally and helps prepare them for positions of leadership in our profession.

Clinician Educator Development Program

This program selects a cohort of junior faculty members for a one-day workshop held at the ARRS Annual Meeting. Program members gain proficiency in teaching skills and designing educational activities, paving the way for a new generation of radiology educators.

Radiology Journalism Fellowships

These fellowships offer radiologists a fellowship experience with the AJR Editor in Chief and publications staff. Fellows are primed for a future in medical publishing by learning medical writing, manuscript preparation and editing, peer review, the ethics of scientific journalism, and journal publication and printing.

Radiology Awards

These awards provide residents and fellows an opportunity for research recognition and presentation at the ARRS Annual Meeting. Awards are given to competent and promising candidates in radiology research, education, or administration with scientific merit and impactful research.

Your Support at Work

2019 ARRS Scholar Florian J. Fintelmann, MD, was recently featured on NBC News as part of a cross-disciplinary team working to change how we treat lung cancer–from detection with screening to risk stratification of patients with lung cancer to treatment with minimally invasive procedures.