COVID-19: Prevailing Clinical, Imaging, Healthcare, and Economic Issues of 2022
Course Director: Mark Parker, MD

All times reflect Eastern Time Zone
Friday, January 28, 2022
Session Topic Faculty
12:00–12:30 pm Current State of COVID Mutations and Variants
Mark Parker, MD
12:30–1:00 pm Long COVID Survivors: Spectrum of Clinical Symptoms and Treatments 
Jigna Zatakia, MD
1:00–1:30 pm Long COVID: Spectrum of Thoracic Imaging Findings
Ali Gholamrezanezhad, MD
1:30–1:45 pm Break

1:45–2:15 pm Status of Vaccines and Therapies for COVID
Michael Stevens, MD
2:15–2:45 pm Post-Vaccination Complications/COVID Vaccination Boosters in the Immunosuppressed
João Machado Horvat, MD
2:45–3:15 pm How to Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy and the Implication of Such
Mati Hlatshwayo Davis, MD
3:15–3:45 pm Impact of the COVID Pandemic on Cancer Screening
Ziad El Bakouny, MD
3:45–4:15 pm Financial Impact of COVID on the US Economy, Healthcare System and Radiology
Jason Naidich, MD
4:15–4:45 pm Question and Answer Session

This schedule is subject to change.