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For Release: October 23, 2015  

Ablation for Renal Cell Carcinoma Improves Outcomes, Reduces Costs


 For Release: August 24, 2015  

CT Texture Analysis Predicts Survival of Patients with Metastatic Melanoma 


 For Release: June 11, 2015  

Choice of Imaging Modality Crucial in Genitourinary Emergencies 


For Release: May 1, 2015  

Jonathan S. Lewin Elected ARRS President 


For Release: April 24, 2015 

Breaking News From the ARRS 2015 Annual Meeting 

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Dramatically Improves Cancer Detection Rate in Dense Breast Tissue

Diffusion Tensor MR Tractography Effective as Quantitative Tool, Treatment Marker Response


For Release: April 23, 2015 

Breaking News From the ARRS 2015 Annual Meeting 

Incorporating Agatston Scores Into Ungated Chest CT Reporting Leads to Substantial Cardiovascular Risk Reclassification


For Release: April 22, 2015 

Breaking News From the ARRS 2015 Annual Meeting 

Breast Arterial Calcification Strong Predictor of Coronary Artery Calcification


For Release: April 21, 2015 

Breaking News From the ARRS 2015 Annual Meeting 

More than 85% of Surgeons Disregard USPSTF Breast Screening Recommendation


For Release: April 20, 2015 

Breaking News From the ARRS 2015 Annual Meeting 

3-T MRI Advancing on Ultrasound for Imaging Fetal Abnormalities

Advanced Techniques Improve Success Rate of IVC Filter Removal to More Than 98%

Computational Fluid Dynamics in Coronary Plaques Predict Coronary Artery Disease

Dual-Energy CT Imaging Improves Pancreatic Cancer Assessment

Multiparametric MRI, Ultrasound/MRI Fusion Biopsy Detect More Clinically, Sonographically Occult Prostate Cancers

New Quality Improvement System Significantly Reduces CT Misadministration

Traditional MDCT 3-mm Slice Reconstructions For Coronary Artery Calcium Score Quantification May Underestimate Scores, Lead to Inaccurate Measurements


For Release: July 24, 2014  

New Radiological Signs of Gastric Lap Band Slippage Identified


For Release: June 18, 2014  

New Study Is First to Identify, Clarify MERS-Related Abnormality Distribution on CT


For Release: June 17, 2014  

3D Breast Imaging Could Revolutionize Cancer Screening


For Release: May 8, 2014  

Hybrid SPECT–CT Greatly Improves Localization of Gastrointestinal Bleeding


For Release: May 7, 2014  

Image-Guided Placement of Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters Significantly Reduces Complications

Iterative Reconstruction Techniques Reduce Radiation Dose for Pediatric Brain CT


For Release: May 6, 2014  

CT-Guided Irreversible Electroporation Safe in Unresectable Pancreatic Carcinoma

Nonscreened Patients With Breast Cancer Need More Treatment Than Screened Patients


For Release: May 5, 2014  

Automated CT Dose-Tracking Software Effectively Monitors Dosage in a Clinical Setting

Breast Tomosynthesis After Screening Mammography Reduces Need for Ultrasound, Biopsies

Glutamate Imaging Better Than MR Spectroscopy for Imaging Brain Lesions in the First Three Hours After Ischemic Stroke

Overestimation of Radiation Exposure May Keep Women From Critical Screening


For Release: February 6, 2014  

AJR Article Helps Shape Federal Health Care Policy