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Listen in as our team of senior resident and fellow Podcast Editors critique articles and provide synthesized overviews of timely research from the “Yellow Journal” for in-training and practicing radiologists.

Latest Episodes

ACR TI-RADS: What Are We Missing? [critique of article by Smith et al.]

Compared to other guidelines, ACR TI-RADS results in a decreased number of thyroid nodules which are either followed or given a recommendation of fine needle aspiration (FNA). Find out on this podcast hosted by Amber Liles, MD, MPH, what thyroid malignancies are missed and why and how changes in size thresholds might affect ACR TI-RADS performance and outcomes.

Whole-Body Bone Scintigraphy Helps to Detect Kidney Diseases

Shravan Sridhar, MD, MS discusses his study in AJR that provides a retrospective review of patients with abnormal renal uptake Technicium 99m MDP bone scans in which the causes of abnormal renal uptake, imaging follow up, and interventions are assessed. The study identifies several different conditions responsible for abnormal uptake, ranging in levels of clinical significance and degree of actionability. This study underscores the importance of careful assessment of the kidneys on whole body bone scan.

Opportunistic Screening for Metabolic Syndrome in Asymptomatic Adults Utilizing Fully Automated Abdominal CT-based Biomarkers

Metabolic syndrome is typically thought of as a clinical disease. In this podcast, Shrey Patel explores reevaluating the role of imaging in identifying and potentially diagnosing patients at risk for metabolic syndrome by using CT biomarkers.