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In this series, authors of select AJR articles discuss how their studies were performed, the results, and how the studies changed their practices. Listen to the latest podcasts by selecting one of the following:

Latest Episodes

Pediatric COVID-19: What Radiologists Need to Know - LISTEN NOW
Although the clinical symptoms of pediatric COVID-19 pneumonia may be non-specific, some characteristic imaging findings have emerged or are currently emerging. This podcast focuses on chest imaging in pediatric patients with COVID-19 infection including characteristic chest imaging findings and imaging recommendations. 

For more on this, read Alexandra Foust and Edward Y. Lee's article in AJR.

Imaging Findings of Vaping Associated Lung Injury - LISTEN NOW

Vaping associated lung injury exploded into a public health crisis in 2019 in the United States and the introduction of a new term into the medical lexicon – EVALI. This episode briefly explores the history of vaping, the authors’ experiences that led to this manuscript, and an update on what has changed since the article first went to publication.

For more on this, read Travis Henry's article in the March issue of AJR or his article for InPractice.

Axillary Lymph Node Staging and Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Breast Cancer Patients - LISTEN NOW

Lymph node staging in patients with invasive breast cancer and preoperative imaging of the axilla plays are essential for preoperative staging. Unlike many other areas of the body, it is the node morphology rather than size that is most revealing. Ultrasound not only allows visualization of nodes but also enables image guided biopsy. Accurate identification of axillary adenopathy can prevent unnecessary sentinel lymph node biopsy. In this episode, Wei T. Yang  reviews various imaging techniques and features for optimal management.

For more on this topic, read this article from February's issue of AJR.

DICOM images have been hacked. Now what? - LISTEN NOW
As healthcare moves into a new era of increasing information vulnerability, radiologists should understand that they may be using systems exposed to altered data or data that contains malicious elements. This podcast explains the vulnerabilities of DICOM images and discusses requirements to properly secure these images from cyberattacks. Read the accompanying article.

Stener-Like Lesions of the MCL - LISTEN NOW
Erin F. Alaia provides an overview of stener-like lesions of the superficial medial collateral ligament of the knee and MRI features associated with this injury pattern. Read the accompanying article.

Nomenclature of Subchondral Nonneoplastic Bone Lesions - LISTEN NOW
Donna Blankenbaker, Miriam Bredella, and Tetyana Gorbachova discuss the nomenclature of nonneoplastic conditions affecting subchondral bone through a review of the medical literature and expert opinion of the Society of Skeletal Radiology Subchondral Bone Nomenclature Committee. Read the accompanying article here.

Comparison of Radiography and Histopathologic Analysis in the Evaluation of Hip Arthritis - LISTEN NOW
Julia Crim discusses the correlation of radiography findings with findings of gross and microscopic histopathologic analysis to assess the usefulness of radiography in preoperative assessment for hip arthroplasty. Read the accompanying article here.

Dual-Energy CT in Musculoskeletal Imaging: What Is the Role Beyond Gout? - LISTEN NOW
Naveen Subhas discusses the current role of dual-energy CT in musculoskeletal imaging primarily focusing on nongout entities, including evaluation of bone marrow edema, bone tumors, as well as reducing metal artifact. Read the accompanying article here.

Symptomatic Sesamoids and Accessory Ossicles of the Foot - LISTEN NOW
Brian Chan discusses how image-guided injections targeted to the symptomatic ossicle can confirm suspected diagnoses and predict therapeutic outcomes before surgical intervention. Read the accompanying article here.

Imaging Quantification of Glenoid Bone Loss in Patients With Glenohumeral Instability - LISTEN NOW
Soterios Gyftopoulos discusses his review on how to determine the most accurate imaging techniques to measure glenoid bone loss in anterior glenohumeral instability. Read the accompanying article here.

MRI of the Sacroiliac Joint in Healthy Children - LISTEN NOW
Increasing reliance on MRI for the evaluation of sacroiliitis requires that radiologists be familiar with the normal appearance of the developing sacroiliac joint. In this episode, Nancy Chauvin describes age-related MRI features of the sacroiliac joints in healthy children. Read the accompanying article here.

Naviculocuneiform and Second and Third Tarsometatarsal Articulations: Underappreciated Normal Anatomy and How It May Affect Fluoroscopy-Guided Injections - LISTEN NOW
Barry Hansford leads a discussion about whether to use the least arthritic joint or technically most straightforward joint when a fluoroscopically-guided therapeutic injection is ordered for the second and third tarsometarsal joint, the naviculocuneiform joint, or both. Read the accompanying article here.

Ulnar Collateral Ligament Insertional Injuries in Pediatric Overhead Athletes: Are MRI Findings Predictive of Symptoms or Need for Surgery? - LISTEN NOW
Tony Wong discusses his study on how to determine whether ulnar collateral ligament insertion below the articular margin exists in the pediatric population and whether MRI features can be used to identify insertional UCL injuries in overhead athletes that are symptomatic or require surgery. Read the accompanying article here.

The Relevance of Ulnar-Sided Contrast Extravasation During Radiocarpal Joint Wrist Arthrography - LISTEN NOW
Contrast material often extends from the radiocarpal joint into the proximal soft tissues adjacent to the ulnar aspect of the ulnar styloid during single-compartment radiocarpal joint MR arthrography of the wrist. Jack Porrino discusses his recent study that hypothesized this is a common finding unrelated to symptoms or examination technique. Read the accompanying article here.

MR Arthrogram Features That Can Be Used to Distinguish Between True Inferior Glenohumeral Ligament Complex Tears and Iatrogenic Extravasation - LISTEN NOW
Eric Chang discusses his study on features seen at shoulder MR arthrography that distinguish between iatrogenic contrast material extravasation and inferior glenohumeral ligament complex tears. Read the accompanying article here.

Factors Predicting Positive Culture in CT-Guided Bone Biopsy Performed for Suspected Osteomyelitis - LISTEN NOW
Matthew Bucknor discusses his study in AJR that identifies clinical factors and radiographic characteristics associated with positive culture results from bone biopsy in cases of suspected osteomyelitis. Read the accompanying article here.

Supraspinatus Myotendinous Junction Injuries: MRI Findings and Prevalence - LISTEN NOW
Nathalie J. Bureau discusses her article on the MRI findings and prevalence of supraspinatus myotendinous injuries. Read the accompanying article here.