Listen in as our team of senior resident and fellow Podcast Editors critique articles and provide synthesized overviews of timely research from the “Yellow Journal” for in-training and practicing radiologists.


Latest Episodes

Can We Reliably Utilize Ultrasound to Evaluate Fatty Liver? [critique of article by Hondt et al.]

Pei-Kang Wei, MD and Cinthia Cruz-Romero, MD discuss the importance of ultrasound as a reliable and affordable method to evaluate fatty liver and the applicability of ultrasound to evaluate fatty liver in various patient populations, both in children and adult.

Should Thyroid Nodule Location Factor into TI-RADS Scoring? [critique of article by Jasim et al.]

Kalen Riley, MD discusses a new AJR article in which the authors believe TI-RADS should be accounting for nodule location and that a revision to the scoring system should be considered.

Incidental Infectious and Inflammatory Findings on Lung Cancer Screening CT: Significance and Outcome‪s‬ [critique of article by Mendoza et al.]

Incidental infectious or inflammatory findings are commonly identified by lung cancer screening computed tomography but determine whether findings have little or no clinical consequence and which are significant enough to require further work-up is not always clear. Kerem Ozturk, MD discusses how adoption of a conservative management algorithm can standardize recommendations and reduce unnecessary imaging without increasing the risk of missing a malignancy.

Conventional vs. Drug Eluting Bead TACE - The Debate Continues [critique of article by Zhang et al.]

David Ballard, MD discusses an important contribution to the literature in assessing the ongoing debate of conventional vs. drug eluting bead transarterial chemoembolization.

The Potential of a Patient Symptom Questionnaire and its Potential Role in Improving Diagnostic Specificity of Pain Generators for Lumbar Spine MRI [critique of article by Balza et al.]

Identifying primary pain generators with lumbar spine MRI can be a challenging task. Adequate patient symptom information is often lacking and its absence may allow radiologists astray in their own interpretations. Drew Guino, MD discusses the development of a patient symptom questionnaire appears to address this very issue.

18F-Fluciclovine PET/MRI: Too Little, Too Late? [critique of article by Galgano et al.]

David Robinson, MD discusses an AJR pilot study exploring 18F-Fluciclovine PET/MRI for initial staging of prostate cancer and the effects of androgen deprivation therapy on 18F-Fluciclovine uptake.

Normal Range MRI-derived Left Ventricular Global Strain – Is It Ready for Primetime? [critique of article by Smith et al.]

Giuseppe V. Toia, MD reviews a timely meta-analysis which defines the normal reference ranges for MRI-derived left ventricular strain in healthy adults.