Learning Outcomes

After attending the symposium, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the typical clinical presentations of SIH and IIH and recognize the classic brain MRI findings of each.
  • List the three subtypes of spinal CSF leaks that cause SIH.
  • Summarize the different spinal imaging modalities available to search for spinal CSF leaks in SIH and explain the pros and cons of each.
  • List the three primary treatment options for SIH.
  • Explain the indications for and role of dural venous sinus angioplasty and stenting in the treatment of IIH.

Registration for the symposium opens February 1, 2024. Your membership must be current to receive the discounted member rate. Nonmembers who wish to apply for ARRS membership and receive the member registration rate must do so no later than March 7, 2024.

Target Audience

Specialist and non-specialist neuroradiologists and diagnostic radiologists; as well as nurse practitioners, radiology technologists, and neurosurgeons involved with the care of SIH and IIH patients.