Brain Vascular: Anatomy and Intracranial Pathologies Web Lecture

This web lecture reviews: clinically relevant neurovascular anatomy, intracranial vascular pathologies with emphasis on the role of imaging, the correlation of clinical presentation and laboratory test results with imaging findings to aid in the diagnosis of CNS vasculitis, the importance of an imaging approach that will ensure secondary causes of ICH are detected.

Please note — No credits are available for this course.

Topic Faculty
CNS Vasculitis: Basics to Advanced Mauricio Castillo, MD Watch Evaluation
Acute ICH: Not Always What You Think Richard Aviv, MBChB, MRCP, FRCR Watch Evaluation
Spectrum of Intracranial Arterial and Venous Lesions Amish H. Doshi, MD Watch Evaluation
Intra and Extracranial Atherosclerosis Disease Yoshiyuki Watanabe, MD, PhD Watch Evaluation