Changing Paradigms in Tumor Response Assessment

Many recent advances in cancer treatment have allowed physicians to move beyond nonselective cytotoxic therapies and increasingly use more targeted treatments such as immunotherapies, stereotactic radiation, and image-guided interventions. Alongside these new approaches to cancer treatment, radiologists and other participants in this program will need to evolve beyond tumor size measurement to recognize the increasing variability in the appearance of treatment responses and associated treatment toxicities by CT, MRI, and PET.

With the explosion of new and evolving cancer precision treatment pathways and options, radiologists need to keep up to date regarding the varying appearances of tumor response on multiple modalities as well as the wide variety of associated treatment toxicities and their effects on oncologic management.

Hear from experts from the United States and Korea discussing the quickly evolving role of radiologists in tumor response assessment. A wide variety of tumors, treatments, and techniques to assess treatment response will be reviewed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand current neoadjuvant therapies and post-treatment options.
  • Recognize the spectrum of response and progressive disease typically encountered in patients treated with immunotherapies such as immune checkpoint inhibitors.
  • Gain familiarity with immune response criteria.
  • Identify class-specific imaging manifestations of drug toxicity.
  • Assess treatment response on restaging rectal MRI as well as following local ablation and radioembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • Learn the evolution of different PET radiopharmaceuticals used for monitoring treatment for Prostate Cancer.
  • Understand the limitations and challenges in interpreting PET/CT for prostate cancer.
  • Become facile with the LI-RADS Treatment Response algorithm for hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • Evaluate specific HCC treatment response criteria following radioembolization and local ablation.

Please note — No credits are available for this course.

Topic Faculty

Introduction  Kevin Chang, MD Watch Evaluation
Imaging Response Assessment and Toxicity in the Era of Immuno-Oncology  Katherine Krajewski, MD Watch Evaluation
Evolution of Treatment Response for Prostate Cancer Utilizing PET/CT  Don Yoo, MD Watch Evaluation
Restaging Rectal MRI in the Era of Nonoperative Management: Where Are We?  Natally Horvat, MD, PhD Watch Evaluation
Application of LI-RADS to Post-Treatment Response Evaluation of HCC  Joon-Il Choi, MD, PhD Watch Evaluation
Imaging Evaluation of HCC After Radioemobolism  Jin-Young Choi, MD Watch Evaluation
Imaging Evaluation of HCC After Local Ablation Therapy / Q&A Session Sanghyeok Lim, MD / Panel Discussion Watch Evaluation