Membership — Senior Radiologists Section

The ARRS has a special interest group specifically for senior radiologists. “The Senior Radiologists Section (SRS) provides an opportunity and a forum for senior members of the ARRS to be kept informed on the new developments in radiology as well as enjoy the camaraderie of their colleagues,” says John Tampas, MD,  former chair of the SRS.

Benefits include:

  • SRS newsletter, SRS Notes 
  • Discounted registration fee for ARRS annual meeting
  • SRS annual meeting activities (includes sponsored speaker and special tours)
  • SRS Reception at ARRS Annual Meeting (meeting registration is required)
  • SRS Video Socials

To qualify to join this special interest group within the ARRS membership, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be a current emeritus ARRS member (fully retired) age 60 or older
  • Be a current ARRS member age 65 or older

SRS dues are in addition to any membership dues that are owed to the ARRS related to an individual’s membership category. Payment of all applicable ARRS dues is required to be a participant of the SRS. 

Interested ARRS members may download the SRS application form and mail it, along with payment, to: ARRS-SRS, 44211 Slatestone Court, Leesburg, VA 20176-5109. Questions regarding this special interest group should be addressed to the ARRS Membership Services Team at or at 866-940-2777 or 703-729-3353.

SRS Founding Members

John Tampas, MD
Colchester, VT 

Bruce McClennan, MD - SRS Chair
New Haven, CT 

Stephen Brown, MD
Augusta, GA 

Joseph Calhoun, MD
Little Rock, AR 

Paul Capp, MD
Tucson, AZ 

John Dennis, MD
Towson, MD 

Ray Gagliardi, MD
Bloomfield Hills, MI 

Ted Leigh, MD
Atlanta, GA 

Paul Riemenschneider, MD
Santa Barbara, CA 

Lee Rogers, MD
Winston-Salem, NC 

Jerome Wiot, MD
Cincinnati, OH