2023 Roentgen Fund Donors


Philip Costello, MD
Mandip S. Gakhal, MD
Mark S. Parker, MD
Samir B. Patel, MD, CCD, FACR, in honor of Dr. Jennifer Broder
Melissa Rosado De Christenson, MD


Mauricio Castillo, MD
Erik K. Paulson, MD


Charles and Heather Kahn
Johnny U. V. Monu, MD in memory of Stan P. Bohrer, MD, We remember your humble and soft spoken nature, your preferred unobtrusive presence.The gentle, unseen guiding hand. Many benefited from your kindness. You continue to inspire those whose path you crossed in life. May you be remembered for eternity.
Levon N. Nazarian, MD
Hyun Soo Ko, MD
Christine M. Glastonbury, MBBS & H.Michael Feldman, in recognition of Dr. Johnny Kruskal
Deborah A. Baumgarten, MD, MPH
Patrick Colletti, MD


Philip O. Alderson, MD
Felipe J. Arias, MD, in honor of Jack Haller, MD, Mentor forever
Carlos Bazan, III, MD
Dr. Charles and Sandra Bonstelle
Renee J. Butler-Lewis, MD, FACR
William Chang, MD
Richard L. Clark, MD, in memory of James H. Scatliff
Jane Clayton, MD
Jane Clayton, MD
Ralph M. Colburn, Jr., MD
Arthur D. Cortez, MD
Paresh B. Desai, MD
Peter E Doris, MD
Kathleen C. Finzel, MD
Dietrich Gerhardt, MD
David J. Giles, MD
David C. Grant, MD
Steven M. Huang, MD
Nadja Kadom, MD
Paul A. Larson, MD
John R. Leyendecker, MD
Mitchell Miller, MD
Sarah G. Pope, MD
Lonie R. Salkowski, MD, PhD
Steinberg Family Foundation
Gilbert Whang, MD
Gary J. Whitman, MD
Patrick Zazzaro, MD


Gerald R. Aben, MD
Ronald C. Ablow, MD
Jeanne B. Ackman, MD
William C. Acton, MD, in honor of James Talllman, M.D. FACR
John G. Alley, Jr., MD
Mark D. Alson, MD
Jose F. Alvarez, MD
Liva Andrejeva, MD, in honor of James Brink, MD
Sandeep S. Arora, MBBS
Arthur R. Austin, MD
Algis V. Babusis, MD
Christopher Bailey, DO
Timothy Baker, MD
Jack Baker, MD, in honor of Ronald E. Overfield, My private practice mentor.
Jack Baker, MD, in honor of Jeremy J. Kaye, I have felt and appreciated his training every day for over 35 years.
H. Scott Beasley, MD
Sean D. Beaty, MD
Lily M. Belfi, MD
Jessica Berkowitz, MD
Steven Birnbaum, MD
George T. Bolton, MD
Andrew W. Bowman, MD, PhD
Dr. Michael A. Bruno and Andea L. Sakse
James F. Caravelli, MD, FACR
Robert H Chin, MD
Ronald J. Cocchiarella, MD
Lawrence J. Cohen, MD, in honor of Barry Pressman, MD
Gilbert Cohen, MD
Howard E. Cohen, MD, in honor of  Burt Baker, Always in my thoughts
Lawrence J. Cohen, MD
Denise D. Collins, MD
Arthur D. Cortez, MD
Harry R. Cramer, Jr., MD
John K. Crowe, MD
Frank T. Daly, Jr., MD
Huu-Ninh V. Dao, MD
Edward A. Dauer, MD
Cheryl Diane Debose, MD
Miguel H. Del Toro, MD
Nazih N. Farah, MD
Joel E. Fishman, MD, PhD
Donald T. Fitzgerald, MD
Stephanie Flicker, MD
Angelo K. Galiber
Pablo A. Gamboa, MD
David S. Gierada, MD
Christopher D. Goeser, MD
Edwin G. Goldstein, MD, FACR
Murray J. Gordon, MD
Frederick D. Grant, MD
Basil J. Grieco, MD, in memory of Peter A. Dietrich
Roma Gumbs, MD
Adam Richard Guttentag, MD
J. Andrew Hamlin, MD
John A. Harding, MD
Harvey L. Hecht, MD
Mary M. Hillstrom, MD, in honor and memory of her dear parents, Joseph and Patricia Hillstrom
Guo-Long Hung, MD
John J. Jaworsky, MD
Robert E. Kamieniecki, MD
Cathrine Keller, MD
Troy S. Koch, MD
Michael K. Kramer, MD
Robert Kricun, MD
Jennifer J. Kwak, MD
David Kydd, MD
Faye C. Laing, MD
Jeffrey N. Lang, MD
Richard G. Lester, MD
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD
Michael H. Lev, MD
Philippe L'Heureux, MD
Joel E. Lichtenstein, MD
Felipe N. Lim, MD
Aristeidis Livanos, MD
Edward B. Marianacci, MD
Kimberly Marlowe, MD, PhD
Charles C. Matthews, MD
Richard Max, MD
June C. May, MD
David A. May, MD
Lisa S. May, MD
Robert C. McKinstry, MD
Michael J. Milstein, MD
Courtney C. Moreno, MD
Peter Mueller, MD
Mark E. Mullins, MD
James Murphy, MD
James A. Newcomb, MD
Donna Parizadeh, MD, MPH
Shodhan L. Patel, MD
David R. Payne, MD
David R. Pennes, MD, FACR
Krishna R. Pillai, MD, BS
Martin L. Pinstein, MD
Michael Quinn, MD
James C. Reed, MD
Nancy Rini, MD
Wesley Roberts, MD
David M. Roelke, MD
William Rosner, MD
John Saks, MD
Karen L. Salzman, MD
Paul E. Sangster, MD
Najmus Saqib, MD
Stephen A. Sevigny, MD
Jon Shanser, MD and Shanser Family Foundation
William L. Simpson, Jr., MD
Edward Smitaman, MD
Ronald P. Smith, MD
Troy R. Smith, MD
Eva M. Smorzaniuk, MD
Robert Stevens, MD
Christopher Straus, MD
Michio Taya, MD,MS
J. T. Telle, MD
Mark J. Tenenzapf, MD
Siew K. Teoh, MD
John W. Thomas, MD
Lovick Thomas, MD
Charles C. Trinh, MD
Eric J. Udoff, MD
Patsy Uken, MD
Murugusundaram Veeramani, MD
Karen J. Weiss, MD
Daniel Weissberg, MD
Ellen L. Wolf, MD, in memory of Dr. Bernard S. Wolf
Cynthia L. Woo, MD
Carol C. Wu, MD
Anle Yu, MD